About Us

We are committed to raising awareness: informing, equipping and educating the community with the skills to help bring an end to human trafficking and exploitation.

Sweetwater Against Trafficking will be working to educate our community on Human Trafficking. We will work with other community organizations to come together so that we may provide resources to effectively help at risk children to prevent sexual exploitation, grooming, bullying, and human trafficking.  We will encourage teaching about online predators, safety tips for parents, and how to establish boundaries for internet usage for their youth. We would also be implementing ways in which they can help their at risk youth by educating them proper ways to work through the situation the youth has encountered to encourage healthy responses so the youth and parents can have productive efficient communication that will not lead youth in to further risky behavior.

Sweetwater against Trafficking will also be using a Restorative Justice approach to help inspire peer to peer support by creating just and equitable learning environments, nurturing healthy relationships, and repairing harm and transforming conflict that may have increased the vulnerabilities that may have cause risky behaviors. This will also encourage healing through the program to assist in proper decision making skills and solid coping foundation for any future issues the youth may face to encourage them to resist going back to risky behaviors.

Executive Director and Co-founder: Christal Martin

Director and Co-founder: April Moreno

Our Board of Directors

  • Marie Wilson- President
  • Kathy Fetch
  • Brittany Bennett
  • Dorothy Mitchell
  • Jeanna Welling
  • April Dittman
  • Amanda Kutyba
  • Shanea Mitchell
  • Mike Bond
  • Cami Anderson
  • Jennifer Blackburn/ Melvin
  • Shane Wilson